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The Staff consists of a team of Kansas sports betting veterans, who know the politics, the industry, and everything else connected to Kansas sports betting. These veteran reporters and editors cover breaking Kansas sports betting news. They also provide opinions on where we are heading in terms of legislation as well as conduct interviews with leading figures in the Kansas sports betting community.
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Lukas Shaw
Lukas Shaw is a betting analyst for Shaw, an avid sports fan, has quickly become an authority in the burgeoning market, providing readers with an in-depth analysis of the latest betting apps and bonus codes while also sharing helpful insights on betting strategy.
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Mike Ferguson
College Football Betting Analyst
Mike is a veteran sports writer covering most professional leagues along with collegiate sports but for he focuses on providing informative news and data for college football bettors in Kansas.
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Blake Weishaar
Blake Weishaar is a commercial editor and fact-checker at He has a wealth of knowledge within the gambling industry dating back to 2014 and has been at the forefront of the sports betting boom since PASPA was repealed in 2018. He expects to harness that expertise in providing the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding Kansas' sports betting market.
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Christopher Boan
Christopher Boan is a lead writer at specializing in covering state issues. He covered sports and sports betting in Arizona for more than seven years.
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Julian Miller
Julian Miller is a betting analyst for He's an accomplished writer who uses his expertise to provide up-to-date analysis of the Kansas online sports and gambling industry.Miller is an authoritative voice in the Kansas sports betting space, providing trustworthy information on the top Kansas sportsbooks, betting apps, and promo codes for Kansas sports bettors. He is a one-stop shop for all things related to sports betting in Kansas.
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Martin Booth
Kansas Betting Expert
Martin Booth is the senior betting analyst for He is an award-winning contributor and expert in sports betting and casino gaming around the world. From legislative updates in Kansas to breaking down the top betting apps, Martin Booth covers a gambit of topics surrounding Kansas sports betting. He is one of the most trusted voices in online gambling and will continue to be a leading voice in the Kansas sports betting market.
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Michael Peters
Michael is a news editor, helping oversee coverage at He spent nine years as the sports editor of the Tulsa World. Before that, he was the high school sports editor at the Houston Chronicle. He also has been the sports editor at the Beaumont Enterprise and Galveston County Daily News in Texas.
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Stefan Krysa
Sportsbook Reviewer
Stefan Krysa is a leading voice in the online gambling industry and a betting analyst with Thanks to years of hands-on experience, Stefan Krysa has become one of the most trusted authorities in the online sports betting space.An avid bettor, Krysa provides top-notch analysis of Kansas sportsbooks, promo codes, and legislative updates. He's a source Kansas sports bettors can trust.
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Joss Wood
Joss Wood has over a decade of experience reviewing and comparing the top online casinos in the world to ensure players find their favorite place to play. Joss is also a specialist when it comes to breaking down what casino bonuses add value and where to find the promotions you don't want to miss.
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Josh Markowitz
Josh Markowitz is a freelance writer for He is a lifelong sports fan with an emphasis on basketball, football, baseball and the scouting/evaluation process. A graduate of Elon University's School of Communications, Josh also has experience in television production.
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Nate Hamilton
Football Betting Analyst
Nate Hamilton is a senior football betting analyst for He spends his time immersed in analytics, stats, and betting lines including a special focus on all things Kansas and Missouri football related. Nate has been a notable voice in the world of NFL, and football in general, for over a decade producing valuable content for several leading sports media outlets around the country.
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Jim Tomlin
Jim Tomlin edits and writes about sports, gambling and the intersection of those two industries. He has 30 years of experience with companies such as the Tampa Bay Times, FanRag, Saturday Down South and Saturday Tradition. He now lends his expertise to, among other sites.
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Thomas Leary
Thomas Leary is a news editor and writer for He previously worked at Sports Business Journal for over 6 years, where he helped identify emerging sectors across sports business, such as legalized gambling, and helped launch the publication’s digital newsletter division.
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Noah Strang
Noah Strang is a betting analyst with He has extensive experience in the world of online sports betting and has worked as an accredited NHL media member for a variety of publications across the web.From Kansas sportsbook reviews to legislative updates, Strang provides industry-leading insights about the Kansas sports betting space. An avid bettor himself, Strang is one of the most trusted and experienced voices in the field.You can find more of his work or contact him at his Twitter @noahstrang_.
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Adam Warner
Adam Warner is the author of "Options Volatility Trading: Strategies for Profiting from Market Swings" and a betting analyst for He's also a former financial writer for Schaeffers Research and has a deep knowledge of the Kansas sports betting industry.Miller will be your go-to source on everything from the latest Kansas sportsbook reviews to legislative updates in the state. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Miller is a leading voice in the online sports betting space.
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Eric Pauly
Eric Pauly is a betting analyst with He has used more Kansas betting apps than most people could name and has become a trusted source in the online sports betting industry.Eric's expert reviews of the top Kansas sportsbooks are as valuable as they come. He breaks down everything bettors need to know, from the top Kansas sportsbook promo codes to legislative updates in KS.
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Matthew Asher
Product Coordinator & Fact Checker
As the current Product Coordinator and Fact Checker editor for, Matthew Asher has nearly a decade of experience working in public relations and digital media marketing with the Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers.Matthew is passionate about the sports betting industry and has been known to explain how to bet on the NFL, College Football and other major sports leagues. He is passionate about making sure you have the most up-to-date and correct information about Kansas betting regulations.
Griffin Carroll
Betting Analyst
Griffin Carroll is a betting analyst for Griffin is a full-time professional sports bettors and social influencer in the world of sports betting and daily fantasy.
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Hunter Hewitt
Hunter Hewitt has been working in the sports betting industry for over a year, and has been gambling recreationally for almost a decade. As an experienced writer and content professional in the digital media industry, Hunter has nearly a decade of experience spanning across writing, editing, website management and various forms of marketing.
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Howard Gensler
Howard Gensler is a veteran journalist who’s worked at the Philadelphia Daily News, TV Guide and the Philadelphia Inquirer and is a founding editor of
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Shelby Dermer
Shelby Dermer is a reporter for Shelby has been a sports reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer for the last five years and now lends his expertise to the Kansas sports betting market. He grew up in Waynesville, Ohio, and graduated from Ohio University.
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Ciaran McEneaney
Ciaran has written for both the sports betting and iGaming industries across multiple states and countries for over a decade. He is a true sports fanatic, and he covers a wide range of sports at
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Bill Ordine
Bill Ordine, senior journalist and columnist for, was a reporter and editor in news and sports for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Baltimore Sun for 25 years, and was a lead reporter on a team that was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News.
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Jeff Parker
Entertainment Writer
Jeff Parker is an Entertainment Writer for A writer for film, television and the internet, Jeff is a life long movie buff, with an actual Masters Degree in Popular Culture. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he works full time as documentary filmmaker and producer.
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Marcus Mosher
Marcus Mosher covers the NFL, NFL Draft and NFL news for
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Ron Fritz
Ron Fritz is a former editor of
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Pat McLoone
Pat McLoone is a contributing editor for

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