Tennis Grand Slam Earners: Who Makes the Most Money?

Tennis Grand Slam Earners: Who Makes the Most Money?
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Tennis is one of the world’s most popular sports, with the likes of Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal earning the sport millions of fans throughout their illustrious careers on the court. 

And with four major championships taking place throughout the year (Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon), there’s plenty of elite tennis for fans of the sport to get stuck into. But how much do the players earn from these tournaments? The answer might be more than you think...

Comparing Grand Slam earnings since 2017, we’ve been able to determine the highest-earning male and female stars and reveal just how much they make for every hour they spend on the court.  These insights might provide useful when you dive into Kansas sports betting online


Male Earners

We’ve enjoyed a golden era of male tennis players in recent years, with the likes of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic going toe-to-toe as some of the greatest of all time. But which earn the most per hour and minute spent on the court?


Breaking Down the Top 5 Male Tennis Earners

  1. Roger Federer, $199,632 per hour Claiming the crown as world’s top earning male tennis player, Roger Federer picks up an astonishing $3,327 per minute on court, or $199,632 per hour. Incredibly, Federer’s ‘hourly rate’ is around four times more than the average annual salary earned by the typical American. Over the last five years, the Swiss superstar has played 71 matches with a combined duration of 159 hours, earning a total sum of $31,763,511 since 2017.
  2. Novak Djokovic, $181,237 per hour With 20 Grand Slam titles earned over the course of his career, including eight in the past five years, Novak Djokovic is rightly considered among the greatest tennis players of all time. However, despite playing at the peak of his powers in recent seasons, he only places second behind Federer in terms of earning power - $181,237 per hour, or $3,020 per minute. The Serbian’s not short of money though, after playing a remarkable 105 matches since 2017, with a combined duration of 258 hours, and making a healthy $46,779,181.
  3. Rafael Nadal, $179,707 per hour Statistically the most successful tennis player of all time, with a record 21 Grand Slams since starting his professional career in 2005, including six since 2017, Rafael Nadal places among the highest-earning male stars of the last five years – making $179,707 per hour ($2,995 per minute). In fact, the Spaniard has made more in competitive winnings than any other player in this time, picking up almost $50 million over the course of 105 matches and 272 hours played.
  4. Dominic Thiem, $129,588 per hour Austrian icon Dominic Thiem ranks as the world’s fourth highest-earning male tennis player, picking up an eye-watering $129,588 per hour – that’s $2,159 per minute! Having played 66 matches since 2017, with a combined duration of 176 hours, this equates to total winnings of $22,846,535. Not bad for a player with just one career Grand Slam.
  5. Daniil Medvedev, $127,515 per hour Like Thiem, Daniil Medvedev has only won one Grand Slam in his career so far, the US Open in 2021, but still ranks among the highest earning male tennis players in the world. With overall winnings since 2017 totaling $21,831,929, the Russian earns $127,515 per hour, or $2,125 per minute. However, it’s worth acknowledging that his future earning-power could be placed under threat if the sport’s governing bodies decide to impose restrictions on Russian athletes following his home nation’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

Fermale Earners

Before we look at which female stars make the most money, it’s interesting to recognize that the three highest-earning female players make more per hour than any of their male counterparts, including Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. But which players make the top five?


Breaking Down the Top 5 Female Tennis Earners

  1. Ashleigh Barty, $237,552 per hour With three of the four major championships under her belt, short of only the US Open from having a Career Grand Slam, Ashleigh Barty has enjoyed both competitive and financial success despite recently retiring aged just 26. The Australian has competed in 69 matches over the last five years, amounting to 96 hours on the court, and earned a total of $22,864,419 in winnings. This equates to $237,552.40 per hour, or $3,959 per minute.
  2. Naomi Osaka, $210,370 per hour With more Grand Slams than any other female tennis player over the last five years, Naomi Osaka has comfortably earned a place among the sport’s highest earners. Competing in 64 matches since 2017, and taking away $20,288,086 in winnings during this time, Osaka’s on-court hourly earnings are calculated to be $210,370 – or $3,506 per minute.
  3. Simona Halep, $202,355 per hour Simona Halep is ranked as the third highest earning female tennis player, picking up over $200,000 for every hour she’s out on the court – or $3,372 a minute. She’s also earned more in winnings than any other female player since 2017 ($23,171,733) and spent longer than any of her rivals competing during the same period (73 matches and 114 hours).
  4. Caroline Wozniacki, $189,468 per hour Ranking as the fourth-highest earning female tennis player in recent years, Caroline Wozniacki makes an average of $189,468 per playing hour. This is equivalent to $3,157 per minute, more than the 60-second earning power of all her male counterparts besides Roger Federer. Overall, Wozniacki has played over 69 hours since 2017, and picked up $13,147,239 in tournament prize money.
  5. Sloane Stephens, $188,046 per hour Despite not winning a Grand Slam since US Open victory in 2017, the only one in her entire career, Sloane Stephens has earned $12,266,280 over the last five years – amounting to a not insignificant $188,046 per hour, or $3,134 for every minute spent on court.

Of course, it’s important to remember that overall earnings don’t necessarily account for off-court sponsorships, with particularly high-profile players from the male and female game sometimes earning more money from annual endorsements than prize pots! For even more interesting insight like this, check out the latest news in the world of sport. 


To determine tennis earnings in major tournaments since 2017, we analyzed Grand Slam winnings sourced from Tennis Abstract. We were then able to break down the data, to reveal how much each star earns per hour and per minute of gameplay. 

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