Recent History Indicates Kansas State Should be a Favorite Kansas Sports Betting Team

Recent History Indicates Kansas State Should be a Favorite Kansas Sports Betting Team
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This September, Kansas State and Missouri meet for the first time in 11 years, rekindling one of the longest series in the greater Midwest.

This year’s game will be the 97th in the series, dating back to 1914. The Tigers have dominated, going 58-33-5 against the Wildcats during that span.

A lot has changed in the 3,000-plus days since the Wildcats and Tigers last met, when KSU pulled off a 24-17 victory in Manhattan.

In a revolution few could have foreseen in 2011, there will be Kansas betting apps available for fans to place wagers on the game.

The best Kansas sportsbooks are scheduled for a soft launch Sept. 1 with the goal of having any issues resolved when the NFL kicks off its regular season Sept. 8.

Kansas State and Missouri kickoff at 11 a.m. Sept. 10 in Manhattan on ESPN2.

The 2022 meeting will be the first in decades to not feature Kansas State’s Bill Snyder or the Tigers’ Gary Pinkel on the sideline, as both retired in the period between 2011 and now.

The Tigers, of course, have moved to the SEC, where they’ve gone 76-50 since joining the conference in 2012, with a pair of divisional championships in 2013 and 2014.

The Wildcats, meanwhile, still call the Big 12 Conference their home, having posted one double-digit-win season since the teams’ last showdown (in 2012), but with winning campaigns in seven of their last 10 seasons. broke down the numbers on who reigns supreme, betting-wise, between K-State, Missouri, and Kansas.

Using the teams’ collective records, both straight-up and against the spread, we can see which program has been the best bet in the region.

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Here’s a breakdown of how each of the three schools has performed since K-State and Missouri last met in 2011.

Kansas State Football Against the Spread

Year Overall ATS
🏈 20218-57-5-1
🏈 20204-66-4
🏈 20198-59-4
🏈 20185-77-5
🏈 20178-56-6-1
🏈 20169-49-4
🏈 20156-76-7
🏈 20149-48-5
🏈 20138-58-5
🏈 201211-29-3-1
Total 76-50 75-48-3

Missouri Football Against the Spread

Year Overall ATS
🏈 20216-74-9
🏈 20205-55-5
🏈 20196-64-8
🏈 20188-57-6
🏈 20177-77-6
🏈 20164-85-7
🏈 20155-73-9
🏈 201411-39-5
🏈 201312-211-2-1
🏈 20125-75-7
Total 69-56 60-64-1

No Better Time to Bet in Kansas

The start of the football season is the highlight of the sports betting calendar, but betting’s biggest season will be amplified in Kansas.

There are six operators licensed to begin taking wagers Sept. 1, including DraftKings Sportsbook Kansas in partnership with Boot Hill Casino and FanDuel Sportsbook Kansas in partnership with Kansas Star Casino.

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Kansas Football Against the Spread

Year Overall ATS
🏈 20212-104-8
🏈 20200-91-8
🏈 20193-95-7
🏈 20183-97-5
🏈 20171-114-8
🏈 20162-106-6
🏈 20150-123-9
🏈 20143-95-7
🏈 20133-94-8
🏈 20121-114-7-1
Total 18-99 43-73-1

Kansas State Reigns Supreme ATS

Even though Missouri can claim more double-digit-win seasons (two vs. one), it’s not hard to make the case the Wildcats have been the best program in the region.

Kansas State has posted a better overall record (76-50 vs. 69-56 for Missouri) with more bowl wins (four vs. two) since the two programs went their separate ways in 2012.

The Wildcats have also been better against the spread than their easterly rivals, going 75-48-3 over the past decade by that metric.

Missouri, meanwhile, has gone 60-63-1 ATS since 2012, only posting double-digit wins against the number once (in 2013).

Overall, K-State has posted a 60.3-win percentage, straight-up, since 2012 and is 59.5% ATS. The Tigers, meanwhile, have gone 55.2% straight-up and 48.4% ATS.

Trailing both programs by a considerable distance is the lone other FBS program in Kansas β€” the Kansas Jayhawks.

It’s been a lost decade for the boys from Lawrence, with the Jayhawks going 18-99 since 2012, straight-up, with a 43-73-1-mark ATS.

In total, KU has posted a dismal 15.4% straight-up win percentage over the past 10 years, with a 36.8% record ATS.



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