Power Rankings: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7 Episode 11

Power Rankings: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7 Episode 11
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Even by RuPaul’s Drag Race standards, episode 11 of All Stars Season 7 was shockingly flippant with the established rules of the game. By awarding three stars to the week’s top two queens, the season’s penultimate episode was a true sudden death playoff, with every single queen having a shot at making next week’s “LaLaPaRUza” lip sync smackdown for the crown.

Fans would certainly be forgiven for feeling upset by this news. It effectively minimizes the hard work of the past ten episodes. Plus, every single queen already had a shot of making the finale — except for Shea Couleé. Was this twist specifically designed to catapult Shea above her peers and secure her a spot in the finale? It certainly seems that way. But that wasn’t the only twist this week. Arguably, an even more shocking turn of events was the pivotal role the “Twinner” alliance played during the episode’s final moments.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get to our weekly power rankings. The math has been adjusted to account for episode 11’s three-star twist (see our methodology below).

Power Rankings

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars introduced a new twist on the ultra-popular format. The competing queens are all former winners, baby. And because we’ve seen these girls before, we’ve got some hard data on their previous performance we can use to rank the queens and provide insight to fans as they compete in their Drag Race-themed pools and make bets with their squirrel friends.

We’ve created a simple formula, accounting for the queens social media following, their performance on previous seasons and how they’ve done so far on All Stars Season 7 — ranking this season’s contestants from one to eight.





  1. Trinity the Tuck It’s worth noting that when Monét X Change and Trinity were announced as co-winners of All Stars 4 there was an online backlash amongst Trinity stans who believed Monét was only chosen as a co-winner because she’s a queen of color. Trinity immediately called out her fans’ gross and downright racist comments, sticking beside Monét and celebrating her accomplishments on the show. Flash forward four years later, and Monét chooses Trinity over Jaida Essence Hall to join her in the finale episode. As silly as their alliance felt at times this season, it’s absolutely true that these queens have been through a lot together. Trinity deserves a chance to compete for another crown, and isn’t beautiful how that opportunity has manifested itself?
  2. Jinkx Monsoon Coming into the week with four Legendary Legend stars, Jinkx was the only queen with a guaranteed spot in the finale — even with extra badges on the line. That didn’t stop her from turning out an exceptional lip sync to an original song celebrating the virtues of self-esteem at the “Drag Race Gives Back Variety Extravaganza.” Trinity only tops Jinkx in the power rankings because of The Tuck’s dominating All Stars 4 performance. By all accounts, next week’s LaLaPaRUza is Jinkx’s to lose. But before we place the crown upon her brilliant orange locks, it should be stated that lip syncing isn’t really the best outlet for her talents. Jinkx is more of a swayer than a dancer.
  3. Monét X Change During this week’s Tic Tac Chit Chat, Ru remarks that Monét seems to have found a new comfort level during the competition. Yes, in her third appearance on the show, Monét has finally relaxed enough to share her incredible operatic voice with the world. This is something we’ve never seen on main stage before and it’s enough to launch her into the Top 2 of the week and a Season 7 leading five Legendary Legends badges. Monét may be the biggest riser on the bunch this season. A former Miss Congeniality winner, her runway glow-up has been the real difference maker. Will she win? Probably not. But she deserves her spot in the finale no matter what the haters say.
  4. Shea Couleé What a roller coaster ride for Ms. Couleé. This week’s episode begins with a deflated Shea laughing off the idea of making the finale and asking, “do I get next week off?” The next day, her face visibly lights up as Ru announces that three stars each will be given to this week’s top queens. Shea rises to the occasion, storming the main stage in a Janet Jackson inspired look to perform a lip sync of her original song “Your Name.” The choreography and dancing were arguably the best we’ve seen all season. Then she went on to win the lip sync against Monét, and just like that Shea Couleé is onto the finale. Again, this week’s twist feels manufactured to help Shea, but does anyone care except for the four queens below her in the Power Rankings?
  5. The Vivienne Following last week’s roast Viv expressed disappointment online that much of her performance in that challenge was edited out. This matters because more than any other queen, The Viv seems to completely fade into the background during certain episodes. Is it blasphemous to “blame the edit” for this? Still, the Viv had a chance to shine this week and didn’t rise to the level of the competition. She looked visibly shook to not be advancing to the finale, and despite feeling like a serious contender at several points this season, The Vivienne now finds herself in the consolation bracket next week, competing to be crowned the Queen of She Done Already Had Herses.
  6. Jaida Essence Hall It was only three weeks ago that Jaida told her fellow queens to not bother blocking her because she was already guaranteed a spot in the finale. Ouch. Jaida did turn out a quality ‘90s rap lip sync and dance number that was one of the better performances of the night. If only there’d been a runway this week, maybe she would’ve had a chance. While we’ll always have a soft spot for Drag Race’s self-proclaimed “Quarantine Queen,” Shea and Monét are both more deserving of a spot in the finale.
  7. Raja Performing a traditional Balinese tribal dance may not be the best way to stake your claim to the finale, but Raja’s celebration of her cultural heritage and family certainly made for a heartwarming sub-plot — and a nice counter-balance to this week’s ratcheted up twists and turns. Raja is the only Asian-American queen to win RuPaul’s Drag Race, and her performance this week shows that this distinction matters to her. During the Tic Tac Chit Chat, she makes a point of telling Ru and Michelle Visage that this will be her last time competing on the show, and it’s nice to see her going out on her terms.
  8. Yvie Oddly Because Yvie Oddly lives with a degenerative condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3, her ability to perform in drag is limited by time. This week she revealed that she’s already begun to struggle walking in heels. Like, Raja, it’s unlikely we’ll see Yvie Oddly compete on Drag Race again, and it’s unclear what her future looks like as a performer. Hopefully she finds another way to stay involved with the show because Yvie Oddly is a singular talent and overall delight. Her performance this season was too uneven to earn her a spot in the finale, but her stand-out moments — like Episode 4’s Big Bad Wolf — are amongst Drag Race’s best.

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To determine the power rankings we used a simple formula: 1 point for all “maxi” challenges won on winning season and on All Stars Season 7 (+) Instagram followers divided by 1 million (-) positions outside of 1st place if the queen did not win her inaugural season (-1 for 2nd place, -2 for 3rd places, etc). This latter distinction only applies to 3 or the 8 queens competing (Shea Couleé, Trinity the Tuck & Monét X Change). 



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