Fubo Sportsbook Kansas Promo Code & Review | $1,000 Risk Free Bet

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Fubo Sportsbook operates in a few states and is not expected to be one of 12 Kansas betting sites. Nevertheless, we reviewed Fubo Kansas for bettors and will provide you with an alternative option. 

At a Glance: Fubo Online Sportsbook Kansas

πŸ₯‡ Best For:Live Streaming
πŸ“² Device Compatibility:iOS, Safari, Windows
🏈 Available Sports:Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey & More
πŸ’³ Minimum Deposit:$10
🎁 Anticipated Promo Offer$1,000 Risk-Free Bet
⌚ Withdrawal Time:Instant - 5 Days
βœ”οΈ Licensed By:Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission
πŸ“… Anticipated Launch Date:Uncertain

Who is Fubo Sportsbook Partnered With in Kansas?

As of now, the only partnership Fubo Sportsbook has officially announced is with NASCAR. Whether it's a retail casino or a sports team or organization, Fubo Sportsbook may announce additional partners, as they have done in other states with the New York Jets, Cleveland Cavaliers and others.

Fubo Kansas Sportsbook Promo Code

The betting industry is a competitive place, so operators like Fubo Sportsbook are bound to offer a significant amount of promotional credit as a way of bringing in new customers and staking out a share of the market.

Though it's hard to say exactly what Fubo Sportsbook will offer its new customers until it's fully up and running. No doubt they'll offer some kind of welcome bonus that will be available to you when you sign up with the sports betting site or Fubo Sportsbook app. It won't just be new customers who benefit from bonuses and promotional credit, though.

Once you sign up and start betting, you'll benefit from frequent promos and offers, like free bets, odds boosts, and more. In this section, we'll outline a few of the likely Fubo promo codes.

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet

Based on other markets, all new sign ups would likely be offered a Fubo Kansas bonus in the form of a $1000 risk-free bet should Fubo Sportsbook actually go live. A risk-free bet is essentially a kind of deposit match program. 

If they go live, and you sign up for a Fubo Sportsbook Kansas account and make the minimum deposit, your first bet is "risk free." That means that if the bet cashes, you collect the payout. If the bet loses, however, you are refunded your original stake, up to $1,000 in promotional credit (a.k.a. free bet credits).

A risk-free bet like this is a great promotion, and $1,000 is near the top of what most sportsbooks will offer, but it isn't completely without risk or cost. You make a real money wager, and Fubo reimburses you with promotional credit. And even though the offer is a risk-free bet up to $1,000, to claim all $1,000 in bet credits, you would need to put in $1,000 in real money. And remember, with this Kansas sportsbook promotion, it only applies to your first bet, so make that first wager count!

Free FuboTV for a Month

One thing that sets Fubo Sportsbook apart from other online sportsbook providers is that Fubo also owns a live TV streaming platform called FuboTV. The streaming platform is Fubo sportsbook's proprietary feature, and it offers extensive live sports streaming offers, alongside a selection of movies and entertainment television.

Because FuboTV and Fubo sportsbook are jointly owned and operated, Fubo Sportsbook offers integrated live streaming directly in the sportsbook app. The integrated live TV streaming experience is a fantastic offer, including TV coverage from channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and FOX, as they cover major sports leagues like the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, and EPL.

In addition to a $1,000 risk-free bet, you could also be entitled to free FuboTV for one month. Since Fubo has sought to integrate wagering and live streaming, you'll be able to watch your favorite sports and bet at the same time, and Fubo Sportsbook will start recommending relevant bets based on your viewing habits.

Frequent Odds Boosts

Although Kansas Fubo Sportsbook is not likely to launch, the operator is known to offer regular boosted odds to existing customers. These are essentially promos that work by giving you, the bettor, a better deal on your bet. This works by the sportsbook reducing the amount of "juice" or "vig" that they usually build into the line to make sure that they make money. So they might boost a line from +120 to +140, or a spread from +3.5 to +5.5. By undercutting the Vegas average odds that most sportsbooks are offering, the sportsbook can encourage you to bet with them rather than a competitor.

When you bet with Fubo Sportsbook, you can look forward to regular odds boost offers which you'll be able to find on the homepage. So throughout you Fubo gaming experience, be sure to take advantage of all the boosted lines and spreads you can to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

How to Use a Fubo Kansas Promo Code

When you sign up for an account with Fubo Kansas, either on you desktop or the Kansas betting app, you will need to input your basic details. Afterwhich, you will be asked if you want to claim the Fubo Kansas risk-free bet. If you do so, and that bet loses, you'll be refunded whatever you staked in promotional credit β€” not cash. The best way to take advantage of this is to make your first bet a larger one that you feel confident about, and think of the bet as a deposit into your account.

Be sure to pay attention to any requirements, like minimum odds or playthrough requirements, that might be listed under the terms and conditions of the Fubo Kansas promo. You can go straight to Fubo to claim your promo by following the link in the banners on this page.

Fubo Kansas Sportsbook Review

In this Fubo sportsbook review, we'll outline what you could expect if Fubo Kansas went live. Overall, Fubo provides a great service, with a lot of significant perks. It has successfully integrated a proprietary live sports streaming platform, FuboTV, into its betting interface, helping to create one of the best live betting platforms out there. On top of that, it offers an impressive $1,000 risk-free bet welcome bonus, and new customers can get temporary free access to FuboTV.

It also has an impressive interface with fast and sleek software, and its app is well reviewed too. At the moment it lacks a rewards program, and its app has the occasional issue, but the issues are minor. Fubo is not likely to launch in Kansas, but if the operator was licensed and went live, there would be lots of good reasons to sign up.

Fubo Kansas Betting Site Features 

On top of a handful of great Fubo promo offers that we've listed above, there are also a few special Fubo betting site features that make it a standout player in online sports betting. In places that have already seen a launch from Fubo Sportsbook β€” states like Arizona β€” here's what experts and customers alike have been reporting so far about the platform.

Fully Integrated Live Streaming

By offering subscriptions to its own fully integrated live streaming platform β€” FuboTV. Fubo's goal is to turn passive viewers into active participants by allowing them to watch comprehensive coverage of their favorite live sports and channels while actively betting. In fact, you can even use FuboTV to watch a popular new movie or network television series.

While lots of operators are starting to offer streaming options in their sites and apps, having a dedicated streaming service of its own with a great selection of major leagues and TV channels sets the Fubo gaming experience a cut above, and will definitely help turn sports fans into active bettors.

Great Coverage of Major Sports Leagues

Since Fubo Sportsbook has put so much effort into creating an interactive betting and viewing platform, it has taken care to make sure that it offers a ton of options covering the leagues FuboTV channels show. These are all of the most in-demand major leagues, like the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and EPL. No matter which sport is your personal favorite, all of these major leagues will have an impressive set of live bets, prop bets, parlay offers, and promotional credit available all geared towards that league.

At the same time, right now Fubo Sportsbook covers pretty much exclusively major sports leagues, with few minor or niche sports and leagues covered (though the soccer section is very impressive and includes a huge selection of leagues). Given the competition, such as FanDuel Sportsbook Kansas, that Fubo Kansas will have, we expect this to expand.

Excellent Live Betting

One of the best parts of having a live TV streaming platform built into the website and the Fubo app has to be its effect on the live betting experience. Live betting is always best when you can bet on a game you're already watching, and take into account the flow of the game and the momentum that you can pick up on in your wagering.

Fubo Sportsbook makes that easier and smoother than virtually anyone else, by integrating high quality TV streams directly into their platform. With that in mind, it makes sense that the Fubo gaming experience is heavily geared toward live betting.

Fubo Kansas Rewards Program

Rewards program are something many Kansas bettors will look forward to. Not all operators will offer one. These usually work by awarding bettors points for placing wagers, which can then be redeemed β€” whether for free bets, merchandise, or experiences with partner companies and franchises. These programs are a great way of differentiating between different betting providers, who might otherwise start to look pretty similar.

Unfortunately, in our review Fubo Sportsbook, we found that they currently do not offer a rewards program. This is disappointing since so many of its peers and competitors do. We think Fubo will introduce a program soon. If this is a must have for you, check out Caesars betting site Kansas for a great loyalty program.

How to Open a Fubo Sportsbook Account in Kansas

It just takes a few minutes to sign up for an account with Fubo sportsbook. Here are some simple steps that you can follow in order to to create an account and start sports betting with Fubo.

  1. βœ…  Follow a link on this page to visit the Fubo Sportsbook website or the Fubo Sportsbook app. If necessary, download the app.
  2. βœ…  Select "Kansas" as your state (make sure you are currently within state borders).
  3. βœ…  If we list a Fubo promo code on this page, note it down for later or just click through to their site.
  4. βœ…  Navigate to the registration page of the Fubo sportsbook website.
  5. βœ…  Enter all of the the personal information that is requested, and, if applicable, type the Fubo bonus code into the appropriate box to claim the applicable credit.
  6. βœ…  Select a banking method that you'd like to use to deposit and withdraw to and from your account, and make your first deposit into your new Fubo account.

Once you've completed these very simple steps, you should be all set to start gaming with Fubo sportsbook.

  • Moneyline For some bettors, the best betting markets focus on who will a specific game, match or other sporting event. A moneyline wager is simple: it involves picking which team (or individual in certain sports) will be victorious. Whether you place a wager on the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas Jayhawks or any other team, the margin of victory does not matter, you simply need them to win.
  • Point Spreads Unlike moneylines, point spreads focus on margin of victory. This means that statistics and rankings, and a team's record against the spread are vital to consider. For example, If the Jayhawks are -2.5, and you want to bet on Kansas vs. Oklahoma State, you would need them to win by 3 or more points for your wager to win. If there's a plus-sign, such as +1.5, you'd need them to either win, or lose by 1 run.
  • Over/Under Totals Over/Under totals bets involve the total points scored in various games, or total goals or runs tallied in a different sporting event. If you typically follow betting stats and trends such as points per game, this could be one of the best betting options for many bettors in Kansas, as they can place bets on combined totals instead of trying to predict who will win.
  • Parlays Parlay wagers combine multiple bets together, increasing the potential total payout, but decreasing the probability. For example, you could combine a Chiefs Moneyline bet, the Over 46.5 on the total points in the Chiefs game, and add a bet on an NCAA, MLB or NBA game to create a 3-leg parlay.
  • Futures Futures bets are wagers that will be graded in the future, often weeks or months after the bet was placed. If you believe the Jayhawks basketball team is going to win the NCAA Tournament, you can place a futures bet early at much higher odds. If you think the Royals are going to the MLB World Series, you can place a smaller wager early in the season, or in the offseason that could have a huge payout.
  • Prop Bets Prop bets, or proposition bets, are wagers that involve specific player stats, team stats, or even outcomes outside of the field or court of play. The Super Bowl is well known as the most popular event for props, as you can wager on hundreds of different outcomes such as the coin toss, how long the National Anthem will be, player stats and much more.

Fubo Betting App for Kansas Sports Bettors

Another draw for bettors is the fact that Fubo offers a betting app for sports bettors. The Fubo Sportsbook app is compatible with iOS devices only, and successfully condenses everything you'll love about the in-browser Fubo experience onto the mobile platform.

This means you can get all the Fubo gaming features you love β€” including integrated live streaming, excellent live betting, frequent promo offers, and more β€” all from the convenience of your phone or tablet. With plenty of good reviews for the app praising its sleek interface and user-friendly layout, the Fubo Sportsbook app should be a great alternative for when you want a faster, more portable betting experience.

Kansas Fubo Website & Desktop App

In general, the software used by the Fubo website and app is impressive and reflects a lot of investment on the part of Fubo to make their interfaces as good as they can be. Both the in-browser and mobile Fubo gaming experience is sleek, fast, and easy, and the look of the app and site is modern and stylish. Online betting is all about user experience, and that's clearly something that Fubo has taken very seriously.

Probably the biggest achievement is the way Fubo has successfully integrated its TV platform, FuboTV, into the interface. Overall, the software behind the Fubo gaming experience is one of this operator's strong points.

Positives of the Fubo Sportsbook App

So far, our experts have noted plenty of positives of using the Fubo Sportsbook app. Here are a few of the most important pros that could make the Kansas Fubo app worth downloading if it ends up going live.

βœ” Exceptional, easy-to-use interface with a sleek look and great feel to make gaming fun and smooth.
βœ” Great functionality, with lots of in-browser Fubo gaming features very well adapted to the mobile format.
βœ” Ultra fast update speeds help facilitate quick wagering, along with rapidly updating live betting odds.
βœ” Simple to use, with a very user-friendly layout and clear organization.

Negatives of the Fubo Sportsbook App

❌ The Fubo Sportsbook app is currently not available on the Google Play store, so Android users can not use it.
❌ Occasionally, users have reported minor delays β€” up to one week at the higher end β€” when trying to deposit or withdraw funds from their Fubo account from the mobile app.

Download Fubo Kansas App

If Fubo was going live in Kansas, all you would need to do is follow these very simple set of instructions to download the app on an iPhone. First, navigate to the iOS App Store. Click "download." Wait for the app to download, then open the app. Sign up if you haven't created an account already, or log in. Once you do that, you'll be ready to start betting with the Fubo Kansas app.

πŸ“± Apple App Store Score4.3
πŸ“± Google Play ScoreN/A

What iOS Users Are Saying

In general, iOS users have had positive things to say about the Fubo app. Here are some of the most common pieces of feedback from the Apple App Store.

  • πŸ—£οΈ  "Pretty good online application. Customer service is responsive, which is appreciated. Also, they pay out in a timely manner."
  • πŸ—£οΈ  "Great app! Haven't had any issues while playing."
  • πŸ—£οΈ  "Please fix your third-party authentication system, or switch to a new one."

What Android Users Are Saying

There is no Fubo Sportsbook app for Android users. 

Fubo Kansas Banking & Payment Options

You should have no trouble finding a banking or payment option that works for you to deposit and withdraw from Fubo Kansas. They accept a number of standard banking methods, so you should be able to do an online bank transfer or pay with your debit card, as long as your bank's rules and regulations permit. They also accept major credit cards, like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. You'll have to wait and see about whether or not online wallets like PayPal will be usable, so stay tuned for more coverage as we get closer and closer to the Kansas sports betting launch date.

    Fubo Kansas vs. Other Sportsbooks

    Fubo is a relatively new player in the world of legal providers, but it's already done a lot to set itself apart from the pack. Here are some of the important things we think Fubo does to differentiate itself from other sportsbooks.

    • Fubo offers the best available in-sportsbook live streaming service, by offering a proprietary streaming service, FuboTV, that is exceptionally integrated into the sports betting app and site.
    • Fubo offers a state-of-the-art interface on both mobile and in-browser formats, with fast, functional software and a user-friendly and stylish layout.

    Pros & Cons of Fubo Sportsbook Online

    There are definitely pros and cons to using Fubo Sportsbook. Here is a summary of some of the major benefits and drawbacks that our experts have noted.

    βœ”οΈ Great integration of interactive sports streaming into the site and app via FuboTV❌ Currently no loyalty program available, though one might be available in the future
    βœ”οΈ Impressive $1,000 risk-free bet promo available for new customers❌ There is no app for Android users
    βœ”οΈ Excellent software and interface on both in-browser and mobile platforms
    βœ”οΈ Standout live betting offers that work well with the live streaming options

    Is Fubo Sportsbook Safe?

    Operators like Fubo Sportsbookβ€” legal and licensed operators with plenty of government oversight β€” are very safe to use. Fubo also has a number of additional features in place for security. Your credit card and personal information are not stored in Fubo's internal servers, so in the event of a breach your information will still be covered. Nonetheless, it's still a good idea to set a strong password and keep your account information private.

    Customer Support at Fubo Kansas

    Fubo offers a solid system for customer support as it stands. If they go live in Kansas, they will offer a live chat available from 9 AM to 11 PM CT β€” hopefully this will be extended to 24/7 for urgent queries in the future β€” and an email option and an FAQ page as well. Their customer service team has been well reviewed so far.

    Bet Responsibly with Fubo

    Gambling can be addictive and costly. Never bet what you can't afford to lose, and don't hesitate to reach out quickly if you feel that you or someone you know might be developing a gambling problem. Fubo has some great measures in place to ensure responsible play. You can limit the amount of time or money you spend on the app, or self-exclude if you feel you have to take a step back.

    If you or someone you know might have a gambling problem, contact the free Kansas helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

    Start Online Sports Wagering with Fubo Kansas

    Although it is not likely that Fubo will be launching in Kansas, the operator would be an excellent option that proves that it’s possible to integrate a fully operational live sports TV platform into a sports betting site and app. The live streaming interface also means that Fubo is an optimal service for bettors who care most about live betting. 

    Fubo also has a great welcome bonus β€” a $1,000 risk-free bet and a free month of FuboTV β€” and regular promos that offer a great incentive for new customers. Fubo also uses state-of-the-art software that help optimize the betting experience, whether you bet in-browser or on a mobile device.

    There are a couple of drawbacks. Fubo doesn't have a loyalty program, which means it lags a little behind its peers, and it also does not have an Android app. Additionally, it is still uncertain whether or not Fubo will even be in Kansas. Nonetheless, the verdict of this Fubo Kansas sportsbook review is that Fubo is a standout operator that could have a major presence in Kansas.

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