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The experts at have assembled this guide to explain what we mean when we talk about Kansas sports betting revenue and sportsbook handle that the state reports each month.

There is an active market with many online or mobile operators as well as a growing number of retail sports wagering options at brick-and-mortar casinos in the Sunflower State.

When reports refer to handle, that means the total money wagered each month on sports in the state. In Kansas, hundreds of millions of dollars monthly are bet on sporting events. From the time legal sports betting launched in September 2022 in Kansas to early 2023, legal, regulated sports bets were placed with both online sportsbooks as well as in person at one of four physical casinos.

The vast majority of sports wagers are placed online by customers using Kansas sportsbook apps.

The Kansas online gambling revenue on sports refers to the amount that operators have left after they pay out winning bets. From there, bookmakers pay 10% tax to the state on the adjusted gross revenue.

Kansas Sports Betting, August vs. July

Total Handle Mobile HandleRevenue (GGR)
August$94.415M$90.591M $4.844M
Change Up 18.4% Up 16.9% Down 29.1%

Kansas Sports Betting Handle and Revenue: August 2023

The 12th month of Kansas sports betting saw a slight rise in wagering handle and the continued cementing of DraftKings Sportsbook Kansas’ market share.

Overall, Kansas sportsbooks took in $94,415,479 worth of wagers in August, representing an 18.4% month-over-month increase from July’s sum of $79,715,016. The state’s sports betting revenue total ($4,843,673) was down 29.1%, month-over-month, from July’s total of $6,831,761.

For the first calendar year of Kansas sports betting, sportsbooks took in a total handle of $1.85 billion, averaging out to $154 million per month between September 2022 and August 2023.

The top operator, both in August and through the first calendar year in Kansas, was DraftKings Sportsbook Kansas — which reported $42,864,797 in handle during August and a total handle of $753,459,679 during the Boston-based operator’s first year of operation. Trailing DraftKings was FanDuel Sportsbook Kansas, which reported $27,025,500 in August to finish the first calendar year with a total handle of $538,423,131, while BetMGM Sportsbook Kansas had $7,985,006 in wagers during August and $223,931,897. Caesars Sportsbook Kansas came in at $7,367,615, Barstool Sportsbook Kansas was at $4,542,298, and PointsBet Kansas posted $805,568.

Kansas August casino revenue was $32,114,781, down 6.2% from July ($34,235,131).

Kansas Mobile Sports Betting History

Kansas Sports Betting Handle and Revenue FAQs

How much did Kansas sportsbook take in for handle in 2022?

In 2022, Kansas sportsbooks took in $718,777,213 worth of wagering handle for the first four months of operation in the state after launching on Sept. 1.

What is the tax rate in KS from sports betting?

Kansas’ sports betting tax rate is 10% for online and retail sportsbooks. That’s what operators pay to the state out of the adjusted gross revenue derived from sports wagering once winning bets are paid out.

How often does Kansas release its online sports betting revenue figures?

The Kansas Lottery has released monthly wagering reports on the same day that the agency’s commission meets each month.

The agency has released their 2023 reports on Jan. 11 (for December), Feb. 10 (for January), March 8 (for February), April 12 (for March) and May 10 (for April), averaging out to one report for every 30 days of the calendar year.

Where Does KS Sports Betting Tax Revenue Go?

Kansas tax revenue from sports betting largely goes towards a fund to attract major league sports teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs to come to the state. The remainder goes towards the state’s general fund, benefiting anything from public education to infrastructure projects.

Who regulates sports betting in Kansas?

The Kansas Lottery reports sports betting handles in the Sunflower State, while the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission oversees the nuts and bolts of wagering infrastructure in the Sunflower State.

What is mobile sports betting handle?

Mobile sports betting handle refers to the amount of money wagered on mobile or online apps, using phones, laptops or other online devices. Customers can often take advantage of Kansas sports betting promo codes when using these online operators. In Kansas, sports betting is done either at a retail location (at one of the four state-owned casinos) or on one of the six licensed online sportsbooks in the state (Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM Sportsbook, Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet Kansas).

What is handle vs. revenue in sports betting?

Handle is the terms used to refer to the amount of money wagered in a month. If a handle is reported as $350 million, that means that the operators in the state combined to accept that much money from people betting on sports. Revenue refers to what’s left over after winning bets are paid out; Kansas gaming revenue on sports is taxed based on the amount of adjusted gross revenue each month. From September to December 2022, the first four months of operation, Kansas sportsbooks accounted for nearly $21 million in revenue from sports betting.


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