Kansas City Chiefs 2024 Win Total: Trends of 11.5 Win Total Teams

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No NFL team has ever won three straight Super Bowls, though the Kansas City Chiefs will do their darnedest to do exactly that in 2024, with Andy Reid’s team opening the season as the No. 2 title favorite on FanDuel Sportsbook Kansas at +600.  

Having made the NFL playoffs in nine straight seasons with three titles in between, Kansas City has been one of the NFL’s fiercest dynasties of recent memory, with the Chiefs playoff chances looking to roll along unimpeded this season.  

With a preseason win total over/under of 11.5 and the second-best Super Bowl odds in the league, Reid and company appear set to thrive on the fields of the NFL once again, starting with the team’s regular-season opener against the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead on Sept. 5.  

Utilizing DraftKings Kansas Sportsbook’s current win total for the 2024 NFL season, the Chiefs were found to be set at 11.5 wins (-110 over). Utilizing SportsReference.com, we found all teams with an 11.5-win total line in the last 10 NFL seasons and how they performed.  

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Season Performance Of 11.5 Win Total NFL Teams

The data below could prove useful on Kansas sports betting apps. The Chiefs are one of the safest teams in the NFL to bet on. 


Number of Teams  


Under 11.5 Wins 

6 of 12 


Over 11.5 Wins 

6 of 12 


Make NFL Playoffs 

11 of 12 


Make Divisional Round 

8 of 12 


Make Conference Championship 

4 of 12 


Make Super Bowl 

3 of 12 


Win Super Bowl 

1 of 12 


*Rounded to nearest whole number 

How NFL Teams With 11.5 Win Totals Fare

Since 2014, the only team out of the 12 that won it all after beginning the year with a win total over/under of 11.5 was last year’s Chiefs team, which went 11-6 and beat the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas to pull off the club’s third championship since 2019.  

Among the other 11 teams over the last 10 years with preseason win totals of 11.5, six of them (50%) went on to win 12 or more games, while 11 of those teams (or 91.7%) eventually reached the NFL Playoffs.  

Throw in the fact that eight of the 12 teams (or 66.7%) made the NFL’s Divisional Round and four of 12 (33.3%) made the NFL Conference Championship game and you have a decent image of the type of success that such squads typically see in a given league year.  

While only the Chiefs have won it all after beginning the season on such solid ground, odds-wise, three teams in total have reached the Big Game after beginning the season with a win total over/under of 11.5, speaking to the type of success that such teams tend to see on a yearly basis.  

We’ll know where Kansas City falls on the scale of history when the Chiefs kick off their two-time Super Bowl title defense at home in early September, as Reid and company look to make some leaguewide history during the NFL’s 2024-25 regular season as the first three-peat in professional football history.  

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