Best BBQ In Kansas: Where Are Kansas Residents Going In 2024?

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Few regions of America treat the smoked meat delicacy of barbecue with the rightful respect that the good people of Kansas City do, with the city on the eastern flank of the Sunflower State being a trailblazer in the art.  

Thanks to the impact of the Crossroads metropolis, Kansas is among the luminaries when it comes to BBQ excellence, with a host of K.C. area restaurants serving up some of the best meat dishes in the country.  

With that in mind, it’s worth taking the pulse on which Kansas BBQ joints residents of the Sunflower State are searching for the most online, with a host of K.C. area smoked meat stalwarts ranking atop this year’s list.  

Utilizing Google Trends, took a lunch break from Kansas sports betting and looked at the search volume of the term “Barbecue” over the last 12 months (May 2023 to May 2024) to find the most searched BBQ restaurants in the state of Kansas. 

Best BBQ In Kansas: Where Are KS Residents Going In 2024?



Search Interest (vs. Other Topics in Past 12 Months) 

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ 

Kansas City 


Jack Stack Barbecue 

Overland Park 


Slap’s BBQ 

Kansas City 


Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q 



Gates Bar-B-Q 



Station 8 BBQ 



Blind Box BBQ 

Kansas City 



Overland Park 


Billy Sims Barbecue 

7 Locations in KS 


Which KS BBQ Restaurants Are Searched for the Most?

Based on search interest scores, Joe’s Kansas City BBQ in Kansas City is the state’s most popular restaurant for barbecue, with a score of 57, beating out Jack Stack Barbecue in Overland Park, which had a score of 45.  

Throw in Slap’s BBQ in Kansas City (43 search interest score), Wichita’s Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q (36 search interest score) and Leawood’s Gates Bar-B-Q (30 search interest score) and you have the top five in the state.  

Rounding out the KS BBQ list for 2024 were Station 8 BBQ in Wichita, which had a search interest score of 24, while Blind Box BBQ in Kansas City (22 search interest score), Q39 of Overland Park (21 search interest score) and Billy Sims Barbecue (18 search interest score) rounded out the smoked meat collective for the year.  

With National BBQ Month taking place across America this month, it’s worth hitting up your local meat shop and ordering a slab of barbecued meats, with the aforementioned joints slinging some of the best BBQ dishes in the state.  

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